Organizational Structure

Breeze Across Us (BAU) is a Hong Kong based and registered society (art group) with the purpose of exploring and studying art with all 5 senses. Though Dance is BAU's central art form, trainings and instructions for various art forms are provided to participants. Such as Touch Art, Music, Vocal, Literature...etc. BAU, though being not for profit, is not a charitable institution and expects full participation, and places the responsibility for learning, with its participants without distinction.

BAU is a flat organization consisting of its members, artistically guided by its artistic director, strategically guided by its strategic planning team and administratively supported by a financial secretary and a chairperson.


We envision art as essential to the human character. We use art to explore, communicate, create and express i.e. to create new “language” and shared cultural space. Art is a gift for us to approach the world, give meaning, share values and enjoy.

We envision a society based on equal opportunity for its members to explore the world through art so as to shape their life, as they would like. Those who are passionate and talented in art should be nurtured and provided opportunity to grow.