Please use the Braille to read a summarized history of BAU and find more detailed information on BAU’s major projects.

"Breeze Across Us” (BAU) was founded by dance artist Sze-wan Ng (Sze) in 2001. It was launched with a three-month dance/music workshop and a dance/installation performance with the support of Arts With the Disabled Association Hong Kong. The art-loving participants, consisting of both people with impaired and full vision, had their first experience of working together to explore dance and music under the guidance of Vincent, Chun-kit Pang and Sze. BAU did not confine itself to any type of media. Sze believed that inspiration from integration of various art forms could bring a new dimension of thinking in life and art, which enabled the participants to have a better understanding of their inner world and to develop their own style and ways of expressing themselves.

Sze formally invited visual artist, Iris, Lihua Zhuang, to be the co-artistic director/installation designer and touch art instructor of the group following the first performance titled “Breeze Across Us – Ming – 2001”. Iris became a co-artistic director and remained with BAU till 2005.

BAU was formally registered as a non-profit art group in 2003, aiming at promoting equal opportunity of development in art for all individuals. And arousing public concern on art creation by people with different abilities and backgrounds through a series of exhibitions and performances.

BAU has aspired to develop the artistic potential of her participants by encouraging them to creatively explore new elements of art through dance/movements, music and touch art during trainings, exhibitions and performances. BAU has organized a number of workshops, performances and touch art installation exhibitions since 2001, which have induced resound in the local art community and received wide support from the participants, audience and the public.

Sze-wan Ng, the artistic director/choreographer and dance instructor of BAU has awarded the Hong Kong Dance Award 2004 by the Hong Kong Dance Alliance for her work and choreography with “Breeze Across Us III – Touch & Move”.